Visualize WHO Mortality Data with Charts!

Having tried to use the official World Health Organization mortality data querying and charting service and finding it difficult to navigate, unintuitive and uninformative, I decided to make a more modern feeling version. Fortunately, all the WHO mortality data is free to download and use.

This website and associated API allows simple querying of the WHO mortality data, either returning data in JSON format (via the JSON page or with custom scripts making calls to our API endpoints) or as easy-to-understand charts (via the Visualize page)

All associated data sets are available for search in the Codes page(including a complete ICD code and description search service - currently only ICD-10)

Bar_Chart Line_Chart


In the Visualize page we query the mortality database for you. and create charts depending on the results.
Each year has a bar chart and trends are shown with line charts.

If data is missing or there were no deaths the data point is simply omitted to avoid cluttering the chart space.

Charts can be selected to show either total mortality data or population adjusted mortality data. (if population data is missing then the data points are omitted.)


If you prefer to see more detailed data (including age breakdowns), we can query the mortality database for you in the JSON page.

In this case, the data is returned as formatted JSON which can be copied and pasted into your own projects. It outputs the data as it appears in the WHO Mortality Database raw data, with extra formatting to bring meaning to the esoteric codes.

If no data is found you will receive an error message. In the event of multiple entries they will be in an array inside the "results" object.

You have the option to select the mortality data, population adjusted mortality data, or just the WHO population data (going back to around 1950).


Sound useful?

To start using this service (and get your API key) simply sign up, or log in

Using your own scripts?

Check out our complete available path list in the Documentation page. Or simply send a get request to /api/paths.

Open Source

This API is Open Source (the code can be found on Github). If you find any bugs or think of features you would like added, either contact me directly via the contact page or open a ticket on Github.

Why do I need to sign up to use this service?

While all the WHO mortality data is free to obtain, the servers running this application are not. So, to avoid improper (and expensive) use of this service, sign up is required.